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Feel Good Friday, October 19, 2012

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I’m sitting in a nice hotel suite in Orlando, Florida. I’m here attending the Florida Education Association Conference.

As a children’s author, songwriter, poet and storyteller, I visit a lot of schools. This is a great opportunity for me to schmooze the people who hire me to come in for my author visits.

What’s really great is when a teacher or administrator from a school I have visited in the past comes up and tells me his or her students are still singing my songs.

Yesterday a third grade teacher from Julington Creek Elementary outside St. Augustine, where I performed a couple years ago came by and told me how his kids still love Underneath the Cushions on the Couch and Ice Cream for Lunch, two songs from one of my CD’s he purchased for them when I visited. Another couple stopped by, mentioning how much they enjoyed my show at The Southwest Florida Reading Festival a couple years back.

Knowing one creates a song, a story or a poem that impacts people’s lives to the point where they not only remember, but go out of their way to express their appreciation, is one of the small joys that keeps me doing what I’m doing.

The truth is I would do it anyway. I love what I do, and the creative outlet writing and performing provides to me keeps me going. It’s just nice, from time to time, to know you reach someone in a personal way. Kids, families, teachers, librarians, administrators and everyone else who makes up my audience give me all the reason I need to keep on keeping on.

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