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Start getting in shape for Black Friday now…

As a nation we are preparing for Thanksgiving, then the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. A lot of people are voicing concern that stores are jumping the gun and opening on Thanksgiving, a day when real Americans are napping and watching football.

Here’s the rub for me, and I know I’ve touched on this theme before, but everything is so freaking expensive. Not just toys and clothes and appliances and electronics, but even food. At a time when we are, hopefully, beginning to emerge from this never ending recession and depression that has left me totally recessed and depressed, we should be saving some bucks. I’m all for supporting the economy. God knows I’ve continued supporting the bar industry through these tough times, but rather than throw good money after bad as we gorge ourselves on the latest toy, outfit, appliance or electronic device, we should be putting some funds in the cookie jar.

I’m as big a sucker as anyone when it comes to bargains, and I have been known to chase the latest item to come down the pike. The other night, after playing a gig, I had the munchies and decided to hit Micky D’s for their latest concoction. I had seen numerous commercials for the new CBO sandwich; cheddar, bacon, onion. I like all that stuff, and when you put it on a 1/3 pound slab of Angus beef, it adds up to a winner in my book. Truth be told, it was pretty good… for McDonald’s, but then I saw it cost more than $7:00. A seven dollar sandwich meal at McDonald’s just seems wrong to me. It’s McDonald’s.

I went to my local grocer last week to get hot dog buns. My grandson was coming over and he likes hotdogs and mac & cheese. Hot dog buns were $3.59. Hot dog buns. WTF. Of course the bargain basement brand was a little over a dollar, but I have to wonder if the ingredients are any healthier than what goes in the hot dog.

Penney candy is now a dollar, and the government is debating getting rid of some coins because it costs more to make them than they are worth. What a world. At least gas prices are coming down. I wouldn’t mind seeing them reduced another $2.00 a gallon, but that will probably happen when monkeys fly out of my butt.

OK…, that’s my rant for today. Happy Monday. Someone reminded me recently that the toughest five days are the ones right after the weekend, so good luck and don’t forget to join Usedtoy and me this Wednesday for the latest news of the weird, wired and stupid, right here at Bolognabrain.

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