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Feel Good Friday, November 30, 2012

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Apples and oranges, salt and pepper, black and white… president elect Barack Obama invited defeated presidential candidate, Mitt Romney to lunch yesterday. Personally, I am encouraged.

The entire election season is not really a season, it’s a freaking lifetime. I knew more about both of these candidates, than I ever wanted to know, before the conventions. Still there is something to be said about mending fences, letting bygones be bygones and burying the hatchet.

Obama was not my choice. Still, I support my president and wish him nothing but success in his second term. What else and I supposed to do? Wish him ill? What is most important is that America gets back on its feet, gets back to work and reclaims its rightful place as the greatest nation in the world. If only
Congress would get with the program, reach across the aisle and move, united, in the right direction, we would all sleep a bit easier.

Thank you Mr. Obama for reaching out. Thank you Mitt Romney for being gracious enough to accept an invitation, made with respect and the recognition that two great powers, working together, can overcome obstacles that one great power, at odds with another, will never surmount.

I feel good about this Oval Office meeting. If the powers that be can only get Harry Reid, John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi to work together, maybe those better days really do lie ahead.
Anyway… it’s Feel Good Friday. I feel better just knowing people with the power to make change are sitting down, face to face, and talking.

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