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Religious freedom is one thing

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I am a big fan of religious freedom and the separation of church and state.  After all my father was an atheist  most of his life and my mother was Christian.  That being said, it seems like some secular people often use the holiday season to gripe about religious freedom in a way that would even have my old dad spinning in his grave.  It seems that in Little Rock, Arkansas, a group of elementary kids were invited to see a performance of Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Of course an Atheist group got wind of the event, because it has some religious content and was to be performed at a church.  Needless to say it became a big deal.

I think back to when my father was a devout atheist and he would have had no problem with me attending such a performance.  He went out of his way to teach me about Christianity as well as many other faiths.  He didn’t believe I shouldn’t be exposed to such things. Understanding diverse beliefs does more to promote religious freedom than trying to bury it or pretend it doesn’t exist.

If you don’t want your kids exposed to such things, keep them home on the day of Charlie Brown’s Christmas and let the rest of the students enjoy.  But because you don’t share a belief does not mean your children shouldn’t be exposed to them.  Because I watched Mississippi Burning about the KKK doesn’t mean I became a white supremacist.  OK, maybe that is a little extreme.

Let children sing “O’ Holy Night” at their Christmas pageants.  Sing “Dreadle,  Dreadle, Dreadel” and whatever Pagan solstice song they sing at Stonehenge and let’s let all of the Holidays remain fun.

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