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What’s new in 2013- The Beatles broke up

As we prepare for 2013 I am frankly surprised at how much media attention the Beatles breakup has been getting.  After all, it has only been 42 years since the band officially called it quits.  There has been so much speculation over the years and much of that pinned on Yoko Ono.  Now, Yoko is getting flack for an interview where she says Paul was mostly to blame.  This isn’t news either because the interview was done for Rolling Stone in 1987.

In the interview she says the band was “getting to be like Paul’s band, which they didn’t like.”  For anyone who got to see the original movie Let It Be, this is no revelation.  In the film Paul is treating the other band mates like hired hands.  In one scene George storms out in frustration.  This was not an atmosphere conducive to the longevity of any band.

But regardless, it has been 42 years.  Maybe it is time to let it go.  While Paul may not have helped things, the other guys weren’t happy either.  After the band’s meteoric rise and their unbelievable work ethic, they were just ready to move on.  While I still remember my neighbor girl crying when she heard the news, as I was just five years old, I am ready to put it to rest at 47.

Happy New Year

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