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If you build it… they will try to improve it- The field of dreams

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A couple years back, while I was touring Northeast Iowa promoting my new Parents’ Choice Gold Award winning CD collection of poetry for kids, Speed-B-B-B-Bumps, I took some time off and drove to The Field of Dreams, outside Dyersville. I had seen the movie, more than once, and had been moved by the message of the film and the tranquility of the area. Field of Dreams

I grew up on a farm in the Miami Valley of Ohio and as I drove those country roads out to the location of the ball field, it reminded me of home and my childhood; rolling hills, farmhouses and silos, it was my youth, played out in summer, pastoral elegance.

Today’s newspaper reports the property has been sold to a group including Hall of Fame player Wade Boggs. They intend to transform the bucolic ball field and farm house in to All-Star Ballpark Heaven with twelve baseball fields, sixty teams plus clubhouses for lodging by next year, then double the size by 2017.

I can’t fault the owner, Dan Lansing, for taking the three and a half million dollars, though he mentioned his family has been part of the landscape for more than a century. He’ll probably sell the International Harvester combine and move to a condo in Miami. Can’t say I blame him.

Still, I’ll never forget the day of my visit. There were only about ten people there. I watched a dad pitching the ball to his young son and daughter, then run the bases after an infield hit. You can’t buy memories like that; for the family or for me.

It’s just one more icon going the way of the almighty buck. Next stop, the NRA will be buying advertising on the Lincoln monument. After all, guns don’t kill people.

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