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Feel Good Friday, January 11th, 2013

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Sometimes I feel like a shill for the South Florida Tourist Development Agency. This morning I take the dog out for her morning walk and it is the most beautiful day you could imagine for January 11th. The sun was already up, a few fluffy clouds dotted the sky and the temperature was 75 degrees. Did I mention it’s the middle of January?

Last week was the 38th anniversary of my move to Fort Lauderdale and I have seldom had reason to regret that action. As I recall, there was a blizzard going on as I came through Cincinnati all those years ago and the further South I drove, the better I liked it. My jacket came off in Tennessee, I cut the legs off my jeans in North Florida and by the time I hit Palm Beach I was down to a t-shirt.

I went swimming later that day, but in the tradition of Good ol’ Ohio boys, we went to a gravel pit, not the ocean. It was a perfect introduction to the Florida lifestyle.

Last night I played music at a bar/restaurant called Duffy’s, in North Miami Beach. It has a huge patio on the Intracoastal Waterway, a swimming pool, and enough large, flat screen televisions to show every game in every sport that was available to watch with multiple screens on the major events like the Nicks and Pacers, UM and N. Carolina and, of course, the Heat and the Trailblazers. For a sports fan, like me, it is a dream job. I play songs I love, have a beer while I’m performing and watch the game of choice. Go ahead… envy me.

The evening was, again, one of those beautiful South Florida nights; warm, a nice breeze coming in off the water and lovely ladies enhancing the scenery. If it wasn’t for all those ugly guys, it would have been perfect.

I do love South Florida. I have experienced the worst it has had to offer with oven temperature summers, Hurricanes Andrew, Wilma and the rest of their windy family, and all in all, I will still take it over anywhere else I’ve ever lived. Cape Cod and Boston were cool. I loved my years in Kentucky with the pretty horses and fast women, but at this point I claim to be a Buckeye by birth and a Floridian by choice.

Have a great weekend. Feel good.

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