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Today is a holiday for many reasons- Inauguration day

Be Ready.
Today is, of course, Martin Luther King day.  It honors the civil rights leader and his legacy.  It is also inauguration day.  The public swearing in of Barack Obama for his second term, and the festivities that go along with it, mark another important legacy.  Our country celebrates the peaceful transfer of power.  We do so with parades and not with violence.

I was raised to understand the importance of inauguration day.  It didn’t matter if the person taking the oath was my choice or not, it was always my president.  I watched every four years with the same sense of history and wonder.  In 1993 I was lucky enough to attend the inauguration.  Even though it has been 20 years, I remember the emotions like it was yesterday.

This morning I got up with the same emotions.  I watched highlights of every inauguration and every inaugural address since Harry Truman.  It certainly puts into perspective the different challenges each president has faced over the generations.  It also highlights the ideas and ideals that have made America great.  It  demonstrates that sometimes we may go astray.  Occasionally the rhetoric is much different than the reality.

A few days ago I wrote about getting mad at our government. I still am.  Today I will watch the swearing in and the address with my 5 year old son.  I will celebrate what Ronald Reagan called “the miracle” of the transfer of power.  While I may be giddy I am sure he will think it a drag.  Hopefully, I can instill in him the importance of Martin Luther King and inauguration day.

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