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Please show your support for HJ Res 21

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America is the richest country in the world yet, we have over 46 million people living in poverty.  Our public school system is struggling  and our country has, to say the least, a debt problem.  How did we tackle these enormous problems?  We spent six billion dollars on our last election.  Finally, someone has stood up and said this madness has to stop. Democratic Massachusetts Representative Jim McGovern has introduced two Constitutional amendments to overturn the flood of money created by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

With all the problems our country faces, it is ludicrous to spend the kind of money we do on elections.  Since 2000 we have spent 24 billion dollars.  That money would not be enough to end poverty or fix the debt but it certainly would help.  Not only could that money be better spent, a large portion oozes from corporate and special interest groups corrupting our system. I disagree with the Supreme Court. Corporations are not people and don’t have a place in our elections.

Since that alarmingly stupid idea is from the Supreme Court, the only way to fix it is with a Constitutional amendment.  McGovern has started the ball rolling and I hope Republicans and Democrats, alike, will support it.  Call your congressman, shout it from the treetops, sign petitions, be heard.  Let us stop auctioning off this country to the highest bidder.

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