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G. David Howard, recent meandering s about Hillary, DHS and gun legislation

What a bad day for America, to lose, in President Obama’s words; “………….One of the greatest Secretary of States in America’s history”. Please note his incorrect pluralization, but that is the way he said it. Now, back to losing one of the greatest Secretaries of State, ever. You know it’s going to be downhill after she took America to the pinnacle of world respect. Without Hillary, I fear all sorts of terrible things happening around the world. We may have our Embassies bombed, North Korea will be testing long range missile delivery, Iran will be working toward a nuclear weapon, and there will be violence in Egypt, Syria and Mali. The Muslim Brotherhood will rear its formidable head and Chavez and Castro will hate us. And we can say goodbye to any kind of cooperation from the Russians. Woe is me.
If the new gun legislation gets passed, and if it includes the requirement for a background check, 0 won’t be able to purchase a gun. A background check can’t be conducted on an individual who has a sealed background. He has almost no background. Just sayin’ …

I’m going to bed now, and after watching the Department of Homeland Security video, I have a pair of scissors next to my bed, so I’m all set for an intruder.

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