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Feel Good Friday, February 8, 2013

Back in 2009 I wrote an article for BB about smiling. As we continue to talk and write about cordiality and courtesy, I’m reminded of how something as simple as a genuine smile can forge relationships, build bridges and initiate friendships you never considered.

Usedtoy’s most recent article about drinking with men reminded me of how much time he and I spend in “watering holes”. There is probably nowhere on Earth a smile will do you more good than in a bar. It may keep you from getting a beating and it might lead to an encounter that may be pleasurable and/or rewarding.

These thoughts are on my mind this morning as I recall the restaurant where I played last night. At one point a sweet little old lady and her husband walked by. I had seen them before so I smiled and, off mic and between verses of the song, I said, good to see you again.

She was so surprised; she stopped and asked, “You remember me?” I said “Of course. You’re beautiful.” She giggled like a little girl, took her husband by the hand and proceeded to get seats at the bar. Understand, this was not a come-on. She and her beau are about 75 years old. It was the smile and kind words that made them feel special and welcome, and they later mentioned to the manager how kind I was and what a great talent I am. Hey, baby… I’m just doing my job.

A couple hours later a group of four men and an extremely attractive woman walked past my little stage area. I smiled at her and she returned my greeting. As she passed I couldn’t help but notice she was wearing one of those blouse’s that is completely open in the back. After hearing a few songs, she approached me to request a favorite tune. We chatted for a moment and I discovered that she and her entourage were visiting from Phoenix and just in town for a few days. As she walked away I mentioned that she had her shirt on backwards. The laughed and, again, I knew I had made a customer feel good and provided material for her to talk about during the rest of her visit to South Florida. And it all started with a smile.

It doesn’t cost anything to smile. It is a gesture totally disarming, friendly, welcoming and open. If more people smiled at one another, we would have a better place in which to live.

Here on Bolognabrain, we have often explored the lack of civility in our society and wondered how much or quality of life could be improved with something as simple as a smile. Try it next time you’re standing in line at the grocery store, post office or driver’s license bureau. OK… not the driver’s license bureau, but everywhere else. I guarantee a smile will pay back dividends you never saw coming.

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