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Feel Good Friday, February 15, 2013

Scouting is in the air
With the brouhaha regarding the “Gay” issue in Boy Scouts, we seem to be overlooking the really important issue. It’s Girl Scout Cookie season.

All seriousness aside, I was a Boy Scout. I think it was a great experience and I enjoyed the camaraderie of other guys my age, the campouts and the competitions. Of course this was the early, early 60’s and it was a kinder, gentler era. Mr. Whitehead, our Scout Master, was a neighbor from across the street and he recruited many of the local boys to participate it scouting. He was not a predator, just a guy who had also been a scout as a boy and wanted to share the experience with others who might be enriched by the same things that had helped define his life of service, responsibility and being prepared.

I don’t know what the answer is for the Boy Scouts and their current issue. Every boy deserves the opportunity to experience scouting. It’s a good thing. I think the larger issue requires better screening of leadership to ensure that sexual predators are not the folks in charge.

Now to the issue that really makes me feel good… Girl Scout Cookies. There are signs in yards, here in my neighborhood advertising GS cookies available here. There are sweet little girls outside every grocery store. It seems like they know everywhere I go. One of the tennis teachers where I play had a table set up with his daughter offering boxes of those delectable treats. I had two boxes of thin mints before I got away.

Even Duffy’s, the restaurant where I play music several nights a week, is getting in on the act. They are offering a Samoa, my favorite GS cookie, Cupcake. Trust me. It is sinfully good. They charge a buck and donate fifty cents to Girl Scouts. If it wasn’t for the fact that beer and sweets are not so good together, I would be flirting with sugar shock every night I work there.

Anyway, I’m sure the Boy Scouts will come up with a solution, even though this issue does seem to have caught them “Unprepared”. Better than being caught with their pants down.
And as for the Girl Scouts, I always liked girls better than boys anyway.

Gotta go. I have a fresh box of Samoas on my desk, right now, and I think they are calling my name.

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