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Justice in America

Billy Joel lamented that “honesty” is such a lonely word. I submit, for your consideration, that “justice” leaves honesty in the dust.

I was just reading on MSN.com about the conviction and sentencing of the, admitted, East Coast Rapist. Thank heaven he didn’t try to hide behind an insanity defense, and he actually pleaded guilty in court. He is facing charges in another case but there appear to be as many as seventeen other sex crimes he may be tied to.

Aaron Thomas, of New Haven Connecticut, pleaded guilty in November to the attacks on three women. November? I question why it took so long to get to this point. The wheels of justice grind along as slowly as the decision makers on Capitol Hill.

This monster has been on the radar for a decade and allowed to roam free and attack at will. When will the justice system catch up with the reality of the situation and get these people off the street. The old adage that it is better for a hundred guilty people to go free before we convict one innocent person doesn’t work for me so much anymore. We have too many criminals walking the streets, too many felons released early because our prisons are overcrowded and too many excuses for putting the innocent citizenry of the United States at risk while we try to accommodate the civil rights of proven violent lawbreakers.

I read the newspaper every day and, in between, I check for news on the Internet. I am sickened by the senseless crimes that are pervasive in our society. I am disgusted by the number of crimes committed by repeat offenders, as well as elected officials, police officers and others we put in positions to protect the welfare of our society. Has our whole country gone mad?

The East Coast Rapist was sentenced to three life terms, plus 80 years. I guess it could have been worse. It could have been life.

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