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1 Million dollars to the slam dunk winner?

Back in the 80’s the joke was “Cocaine is God’s way of saying you have too much money.” Now Magic Johnson has offered a million dollars to tempt LeBron James in to participating in a slam dunk competition. A MILLION dollars. Seriously?

I live in South Florida. I like The Miami Heat. I love LeBron James, but a million dollars for dunking a basketball… please.

There are children going hungry. There are families being forced out of their homes because they can’t pay their bills. There are teachers and nurses losing their jobs, and countless people, earning minimum wage, struggling just to get through another day, another week, another month, till things get better.

Then there are football players re-negotiating 100 million dollar contracts, legislators who receive entitlements that outpace anything near what their constituents receive, and errant public servants who are put on paid administrative leave, sometimes for years. Does the rest of the world not perceive the value of the dollar the same way I do. I know my family thinks I’m cheap because I walk around behind everyone turning out lights. I prefer to think I’m frugal, but I try to save anywhere I can.

I just read this past week that The United States is giving “The Opposition” in Syria, 8 Billion dollars to assist them in overthrowing the current rulers. 8 BILLION dollars. The intentions may be good, but this is while our government is opting for the Sequester option that is going to affect retirees, Medicare recipients, and the rest of us “common” folks here at home. Good grief.

If I was Popeye, this is where I say “That’s all I can stands, cause I can’t stands n’more.”

Don’t get me wrong. I know many of our “heroes” donate time, talent and money to those less fortunate. But the mere offer of a million dollars to the winner if Lebron will just participate in the event offends me.

C’mon Magic. You are better than this. You have looked mortality in the eye and beat it. I’m a fan of yours, too. But if you’re going to put your money where your mouth is, make sure you’re going to get the most bang for your buck.

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