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I’m not supposed to be eating gluten…or bacon

So, it’s been about 2 ½ weeks since I started thinking about/working toward/figuring out how to get healthy. Gym membership, check! Support of family and friends, check! Cute workout clothes, double check!! Healthy eating plan…no check. Why is it so hard to eat healthy? I have always heard “if it tastes good, it’s probably not good for you.” Is that true? Can’t be. I have friends with food blogs with beautiful pictures of healthy foods and god knows, the Weight Watchers cookbook editors can make just about anything look good, but mine never looks like theirs!

In a couple of days, I have my first appointment with an Advanced Nurse Practitioner that several of my girlfriends go to. My understanding is that she is going to do a lot of blood work and run a lot of tests to find out what’s wrong with me, then tell me that eating right and working out is the answer to all of my problems. DUH!! I’m hoping she’ll be able to tell a little more than that, like maybe I have an allergy to something I don’t know about or I’m not supposed to be eating gluten…or bacon.

Either way, this week I feel good. I have done yoga twice, aqua fit once, and I have a session tonight with a personal trainer (gym membership perk) although I’m probably going to have to tell the trainer that I just want him to tell me about the equipment and classes because I can’t do any of them on account of being in so much pain from doing yoga twice and aqua fit once this week. Thank god for Advil!

To everyone out there going through this too, just remember…Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels…except maybe bacon.

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