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Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels

They say “be careful what you wish for…” Man, they aren’t kidding! In my last post I made mention that I was going to see an Advanced Nurse Practitioner who was going to tell me to eat right, exercise, and not eat gluten or bacon. The good news? I still get to eat bacon! The bad news? I can’t eat gluten, dairy (including butter), soy, eggs, or casein (don’t ask me what that is, but it’s something found in processed meat which by default means I also can’t have sausage, hot dogs, or deli meat.)


Following my visit, my husband and I had the longest, most frustrating and expensive trip to the grocery store EVER!! Reading every label to the point of eye-crossedness, only to come home and find out that at least three of the things I bought were either disgusting ($6 bottle of raspberry cider that tasted significantly more like cough syrup than the raspberry beer I am so very fond of) or had hidden ingredients I can’t eat (Gluten free pretzels and protein powder that in small text, nowhere near the ingredients, says “Contains: soy”)


I did find all the ingredients needed to make double chocolate muffins out of a gluten-free, vegan cookbook, and managed to talk one of my co-workers into eating one. They are totally edible and even delicious (when hot) except that I zapped one in the microwave twice and ended up with chocolate cement.


So, here I go! The eating healthy plan was decided for me because as it turns out, I’m pretty much allergic to everything. The gym membership is still in place, but I’m still avoiding the machines and personal trainers at all costs. I’m going to Zumba and Yoga a few times a week, and have even convinced my two year old that it’s awesome to go to “the club” which is code for the kids play room in the gym.


This is going to get interesting. Just watch, and remember…nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.


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