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Society we can’t afford

Since I started my recent business venture, for the most part, I have been MIA around here.  Suburbanhobo has been carrying the load and I thank him.  We have some exciting news on the horizon but for that you will have to stay tuned.  Now for today’s topic.  It seems that whether you are conservative or liberal, rich or poor, we have built a society we either are unwilling, or unable, to pay for.

As I hear about so many systems running in the red, healthcare, defense, retirement, and infrastructure, it strikes me, that all are things that, just maybe, we took for granted.

I confess, I was guilty.  As I grew up looking at our Interstate system, I couldn’t have imagined we wouldn’t have money to replace a bridge or keep up with maintenance.

I must admit I find some of this astounding.  We just spent more than six billion dollars on an election, yet we can’t fund our schools.  We spent 2.4 trillion dollars on the Iraq war but we have an infrastructure that is crumbling.

It seems to me, since we have built a society we can no longer afford, maybe we need to first address our priorities.

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