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Bombings and the slippery slope

I am irritated at the non-stop coverage of the Boston bombing suspect.  This was a great tragedy and it is certainly worth coverage.  But the bottom line is you have a greater chance of having a fatal fall in your bathtub than being killed by a terrorist act.  I am certainly not making light of the subject but rather giving it perspective.  For this reason, I was shocked that some of our politicians called for the suspect to be branded an enemy combatant.  Since when did the U.S Constitution define rights we selectively enforce.

The events in Boston were shocking and senseless.  But we will be hit again by senseless violence.  That doesn’t mean we give up our liberty because the world has hidden dangers.  The world has always been a dangerous place and no amount of new legislation is going to change that.  Yes, our justice system is far from perfect.  Fix it, but do not throw out our constitutional guarantees.

Let us all just take a breath, trust our justice system and realize Ben Franklin was right when he said “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

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