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Who sets the price?

Does the manufacturer, the wholesaler, the retailer or the customer set the price?

My family moved to a new neighborhood late last year and we are still in the process of discovering our favorite bars and restaurants, cheapest gas (besides Taco Bell), parks, shopping areas, grocery stores and other necessary merchants.

I took one of my Mrs.’ suits to the dry cleaner, recently. She forgot to remove a small pin from the lapel, and the dry cleaner cleaned and pressed the suit while the pin was still in place. The result… there is now a permanent indentation where the pin was, so she wasn’t happy with that establishment.

I took another suit to a different dry cleaner, in my effort to find the most satisfactory quality and service. I picked up the suit yesterday and the price was nearly $17.00. My wife is a great shopper, as well as a natty dresser, and I am certain she did not spend $150.00 for the suit, so spending 10% of that, just to have it cleaned seems a little high to me. Maybe it comes from sniffing all those dry cleaning fumes for all those years. Needless to say, I am still looking for the right combination of quality, service and price when it comes to dry cleaners.

Last week I was in my car and needed gas. On the other side of town I saw a gas station at a large busy intersection with a price that was 17 cents a gallon cheaper than the least expensive one in my neighborhood. How does that happen? OK, I get franchise fees, taxes, rent, fuel costs etc., but $3.32 in one neighborhood and $3.49 in mine? Needless to say, I’m still looking for the right combination of quality, service and price when it comes to gas stations.

Grocery stores. I’m a Publix guy. They are a tad more expensive than some others, but the cleanliness, selection and freshness of their products has won me over during the last 38 years here in the greater Fort Lauderdale area. My wife has a particular brand of tea she likes. I am up first in the morning. I make her tea, me coffee and I deliver her drink, bedside, with a glass of ice water. That’s the routine. At my Publix, they carry every freakin’ flavor of tea bags this particular company distributes, except the one she likes. I have to go to a different grocery store to get that one item. I have mentioned it to my grocer and hopefully they will soon rectify this oversight. If not, needless to say, I may be looking for the right combination of quality, service, price and selection at a different grocery store.

Price is important. I can’t justify the cost of a Big Mac anymore. A loaf of bread costs $3.49. And that’s not the good stuff in the bakery. I drink cheaper bourbon than I prefer, but I do mix it with beer in Boilermakers and hey… you gotta cut costs somewhere.

I guess I’m just lousy at price setting. I sell my books and CD’s. among other places, on Amazon. Amazon takes 55% of the price and makes me pay for postage. Manufacturing the books cost 50% of what they sell for, so every time Amazon sells a book, I lose money. Then pay the postage.

I’m just not a business guy. I like to write, sing and perform. We should all do what we do best. With that thought in mind, I encourage you to look for the right combination of quality, service and price when it comes to the Blog you read.

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