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Spyder McCluskey and I escaped to the beautiful Florida Keys Tuesdayay. We came back yesterday. That was the plan. Quick trip down, a little boat time, some music and cocktails on the patio with friends, then back to Fort Liquordale.

In the middle of our BroFest, I get notified that my Facebook account had been hacked.

Pornographic suggestions and observations were flying around to my friends along with invitations and inclusions in groups I never heard of or started. Most of my friends, once they read the crap, understood it could not be from me and started notifying FB before I was even aware. Some of my friends read the nasty posts and remarked “F&#kn’ Darrell’s having too much fun again.”

Not fun, and not appreciated. I don’t get why someone would want to do harm to anyone else’s character and reputation just for the sake of doing it. I think about getting off Facebook sometimes. Then I don’t. I have lots of friends and I keep in loose touch with many of them through that app. I am not pleased by the amount of time I spend there, reading about who is doing what. It must appeal to the voyeur in me.

As Spyder and I were driving through South through Key Largo, after leaving The Last Chance Saloon in Florida City, we were busy solving the problems of the world and discussing the potential problems technology is posed to unleash upon mankind. The idea has been previously floated that hackers, targeting our nation’s power grid, Internet/communications and financial markets, could bring us to our knees in no time at all. That scenario always reminds me of John Galt in the novel Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. In the book, all the capable, intelligent people in the country decided they were no longer going to serve the ignorant government puppets. They would walk away “Until the lights went out in New York.” They would then return and put our country back together again. It’s almost as eerie as ideas Jules Verne predicted decades in advance of the technologies required to utilize them.

It’s frustrating when events, beyond our control, transpire and leave us in the lurch.

With my FB issue, I was lucky my daughter was home. I changed the password, she took care of everything else. Bless her heart.

Usedtoy and I often joke, in the middle of some digital breakdown, that “Technology is our friend.” In our context we mean the exact opposite. Still I can’t imagine being without my Internet, computer, web site, Google or this Blog. They are all part and parcel of who I am at this point in my life and when one part gets broken, all the rest seem to follow in suckcession. I just make that word up, but you get it, huh?

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