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The good old days when MTV meant music television

I was a little irritated reading the headlines this morning.  Our dysfunctional Congress and random acts of  violence plagued the stories as I searched for something to write about.  I finally stumbled upon the original VJs from MTV backstage at the Rachael Ray show and I was hooked.  Next thing you know I am on YouTube watching  old MTV clips and trying to get my boy interested in watching what old dad was into 30 some years ago.

I guess it is not that unusual to be reminiscent about the “good old days.”  I am not sure if it is real or imagined but it certainly seemed that life was simpler then.  As I watch those old clips I am flooded with memories of where I was and the friends and family around me.

Don’t get me wrong. I know we had some pitfalls.  The eighties were filled with bad fashion choices, Betamax and cassette tapes to name a few of our klinker ideas, but a station devoted to music, including some lesser known artists, is missed today.  I guess if MTV was still about music it would be filled with Lady Gaga and Ke$ha.  Maybe it is best that some prayers go unanswered.


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