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National Do Not Call List

I hate it when things that are supposed to work, don’t work. Let’s take the National Do Not Call List for example.

About two months ago, I got so fed up over the crap phone calls I was receiving, (not to mention the junk email, but that’s another story) I Googled the NDNCL and registered my cell phone and home phone numbers. Personally, I could do without a home phone number, as do many others, but we have an alarm system for the house, so you have to have a land line to notify the alarm company, so they can notify the police department, when the home invasion starts.

Now it seems as if I get more junk calls than ever. I hope these boiler room operators don’t have direct access to the Do Not Call List as a source for verified phone numbers. With all the stupid things the government is doing these days, they may be selling the list for all I know.

A couple days ago I received a call. The guy asked for Darrell, I said I’m Darrell and he proceeded to talk to me like a long lost friend. I finally pinned him down and he said he was returning my call from the Internet app I had filled out asking for more information about online college classes. Only problem? I never did that. I told him he was a liar and that liars go to hell.

A little while ago, just before I was inspired to write this article, the phone rings, I answer and you can hear all the voices in the background, all making similar calls. The young lady wants to be my friend. I tell her it sounds like she is calling from a boiler room where there are dozens of people calling hundreds of people who would prefer not to hear from them in the first place. She says, is some indistinct foreign accent “No, no, no. That’s not what this is. We have grants for people going back to school.” I told her I thought she was liar and that liars go to hell.

Then, before I wrote this piece, I went back on the “Net” to the National Do Not Call List and registered a complaint. I hadn’t done that yet. Now I think I will do it for every junk call I get.

I don’t know if the list is bogus and a resource for people who make a living annoying decent people who are just going about their own business, but just in case you always thought you should register your number… here’s the link: https://www.donotcall.gov/register/reg.aspx
I hope if you sign up you have better luck than me. And if, perchance, you are one of those people who make those calls, you should try to remove my number now. If you get me on the phone, I promise to make it the most unpleasant experience you will have today.

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