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Names changed to protect the guilty

I’ve been making tech changes lately and my level of frustration rises exponentially with each and every faceless telephone prompter and Southeast Asian technician with whom I speak.

These changes come as my personal web site undergoes a massive re-design, and the glitches are driving me up a wall. The source of my aggravation seems to be that I changed web hosting services. My web designer got my computer email straightened out with relative ease, but my smartphone wants to outsmart everybody.

A couple days ago I spent about two hours with some tech who didn’t speak English and works for ABC World Dominant Conglomerate. (remember I’m changing the names to protect the guilty) After trying every trick in his book, he admitted he was at a loss as to what to do to correct my issue and perhaps I should go to an ABC storefront location and see someone face to face about my phone. I went to the local ABC location. After waiting 20 minutes for an associate to see me, she basically re-did some of the things the SE Asian tech had done. Ten minutes later she told me I should contact the new hosting service and see if they could help.

Shoulda just gone to them in the first place.

At the hosting service, they hooked me up with a tech who within about an hour had everything working fine. The crazy thing is, I don’t think he knows he did. After the phone verified all the codes, etc., I sent myself a test. It went through. He sent me a test. I never got it. He sent it again. I never got it. He sent a test from Yahoo. I never got it. He sent a test from Gmail. I never got it. While he’s sending these test messages, I got a call from Usedtoy, who then sent me a test from his phone. Got it. The Mrs. called. I had her send a test message. Got it. So I’m not sure the hosting service guy knows, but at this point everything is hunky dory.

So today, I am moving my desk from my bedroom to what was my office before my daughter moved here from Hawaii. The one I just moved last week to Texas, so I get my office back. I hook up the flat screen on my desk so I can watch tennis while I write, and I got nothing. This is the same TV that worked fine a week ago before the Texas sojourn.

Sooooo… believe it or not, ABC not only has my Internet and cell phone account, they also have the television. Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket. But because contract dates vary. you can’t cancel with facing a severe early withdrawal penalty. So I’m in bed with this company till death do us part.

I start with the faceless phone prompter who just wastes my time and after about fifteen minutes tells me he needs to send a technician to my house and it may incur additional charges. At that point I did what I should have done sooner. I started hitting the “0” button. Pretty soon I had a real person, and believe it or not, he was from Southeast Asia. At least this part of the story has a happy ending. After an hour, we solve the problem, without sending a rep to visit my house, and we all lived happily ever after.
Till the next time. My take is if they just let me talk to someone and tell them what the problem is, we can get to solving it faster than making me jump through hoops that have nothing to do with my issue in the first place.

Usedtoy and I always remind each other that technology is our friend. We say that in a very sarcastic way. I only hope that when the machines take over, I’m already gone.

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