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Zimmerman trial disappointing and that’s all right

The verdict is in and George Zimmerman is not guilty.  Tensions are high, the president has spoken and the Department of Justice is reviewing.  No matter how you dissect this case it is a tragedy.  A life was cut short and others were ruined.

Our justice system is in no way perfect.  I used to work for the courts and I am all too aware of its failings.  But the bottom line is this.  There was conflicting testimony and evidence in this trial.  I personally think Zimmerman was probably guilty.  But our criminal system is based around “beyond a reasonable doubt.”  With that being said, even if I thought Zimmerman was guilty, I am not sure that I could have voted guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  It seems to me, we need to trust the jurors in the room and allow this tragedy to fade in to history.

I hope the review by the Justice Department would have to be based on some pretty compelling evidence and not on the court of public opinion.

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