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GMA’s Robin Roberts and the Arthur Ashe Courage Award

For all the Awards Programs that take up too much broadcast time, there is the occasional bright shining star that makes them worthwhile. Last night’s ESPY awards, and the Robin Roberts moment, dignified all the wannabe, also ran programs.

If you are a regular follower of this column on Bolognabrain you know I start my day pretty much the same every day. I walk the dog, make tea for the Mrs., coffee for me, then sit down with the newspaper and turn on Good Morning America. I’ve been a GMA guy for many years through many different hosts. I like George. I like Sam. Lara is sweet and bubbly, and Josh gives me a laugh now and then. But the star of the show is Robin. I do still have a soft spot in my head for Diane Sawyer, but Robin brings so much to the table it is nearly impossible not to like her.

Witnessing her health issues, her struggle, her strength and faith encourages us all to be better humans, embrace all that is good, and celebrate life.

Being awarded the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage is a natural. As a tennis fan I am also aware that Arthur Ashe also led by example and his talent and courage set good and proper goals for all of us.

Robin’s touching acceptance speech, last night, deserves repeat. In case you missed it. Here it is including her introduction from LeBron James.

Rock on Robin.

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