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Feel Good Friday, December 13, 2013

I am a creature of habit. In the morning I walk the dog, make tea for the Mrs., coffee for me, sit down and read the newspaper while I watch Good Morning America.

About the time I finish the paper I get the second cup of joe and head for my office to check email and see what I feel like writing about. At 9:00, when GMA switches to Kelly Ripa, I reach for the remote to change the channel. Don’t get me wrong. I like Kelly and Michael, but at 9:00, the Comedy Channel has Jon Steward followed by The Colbert Report. For me, funny trumps cute every time.

It may be the most consistently humorous hour of entertainment on television. Period. Between Stewart’s snarkiness and Colbert’s completely over the top brand of preaching, proselytizing and finger pointing, no one is safe. The interviews are not only informative, they often raise the ridiculous to a high form of art.

I can’t deny it. I love these two guys. It’s not a man crush type of love. It is more a respect for a job well done sort of affection.

After they go off the air I switch to some movie I have probably already seen a dozen times; just something to distract me from time to time.
So what makes me feel good today? Stewart and Colbert do the trick. Have a good one…

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