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Facing your fears

On this very rainy, foggy day  i find myself  trying to focus… but on what? In my mind I can see a  path and I know that this path is a picture of my life.  I also see myself as a little girl and i am carrying a basket in my hand that is waiting for me to fill it with  “treasures” I will collect along the way.  I’m looking under rocks to see what I might find. I am not in a hurry. I am fully enjoying each hill, each turn, each bend. I am not afraid. I am just happy in the moment. I’m fresh and new and my spirit is free.

Remember when we were little kids and we would turn big rocks over so we could see what was under them?  Under one rock we might find a big juicy night crawler or a family of rolly pollys.  We would put these discoveries  under our “Things that we weren’t afraid to touch” category! BUT what if we found a   spider under a rock? When THAT happened we would drop that rock back down as quickly as we could without smashing our fingers.  Those spiders most assuredly would be  put in the “Things that we  did NOT want to touch” category!

Fast forward 50 years.  Ok, so maybe it has to do with it being a new year but today i find myself trying  to look at (turning over)  the things in my life that have tripped me up. I’m realizing I have accumulated lots of “spiders” in my life.  Ya know… lots of things  that scare me – things I try to keep tucked away  (under a rock) so that I don’t have to look at them.  Well lately  my “Don’t want to touch” category has been piling up.  Yet  the truth is, that even if i try to ignore it … i don’t. I can’t. I would have been much  better off just dealing with my fears straight on instead of tripping over those rocks in my path on a daily basis.

So that is what I am going to work on this year.  I will probably find that  the old saying has been true all along…  I had nothing to fear but fear itself. Group hug.

  1. January 11th, 2014 at 09:17 | #1

    sometimes life teaches you to drop that rock. that’s a good thing. I agree….don’t play with spiders. they move too fast and sometimes they bite.

    Then you grow up and you learn…do this..it works. tried that. wasn’t productive. “A life Not examined is a life not lived. ” Didn’t someone really smart say that? So we examine the skeletons in our grown up closets. Did work, not so much…..and on we go.

    One new lesson? Don’t use your debit card or credit card at Target! Experience teaches! LOL!

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